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Machu Picchu
The Sapa Inca  Around the year 1200 A.D. my ancestors, the Incas, came down from high in the Andes mountains to conquer the scattered tribes throughout the South American continent. They imposed their rule, their highly organized central government and their spirituality on the weaker, less organized people of what is now Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, parts of Chile and Argentina.

   The agricultural and organizational skills they possessed served them well. By conquering the weaker scattered tribes, within 100 years they had built a powerful empire that spanned from northern Ecuador to Chile. Undoubtedly one of their greatest achievements was to unite and govern the South American continent and turning it into an empire comparable to that of the Roman empire.

   The Incas possessed great skills in masonry and soon they began sculpting the landscape with massive stone walls and magnificent fortresses. Like their ancestors before them, they were also gifted potters and metallurgists.

   The once powerful and thriving Inca empire came to a sudden end when the more technologically advanced europeans arrived as conquerors themselves. Driven by their unrelenting greed for gold and desire for fame and fortune, a handful of Spanish conquistadores succeeded in nearly annihilating this entire civilization.

   The legacy of the Incas lives on in their magnificent arts & crafts. Whether working with pottery, stone or gold, it was clear that the craftsmanship of the Incas and pre-Inca civilizations will live on forever.

   This is their dramatic story and my tribute to the Art and Culture of the Incas and their ancestors.

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